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“In acknowledgement of outstanding
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Senior staff position within an organization where I can use my unique combination of IT, Business Development, and Project Management expertise to implement innovative solutions which make the world a better place.

Core Competencies & Achievements

Work Experience

URS Federal Services International                                          Moscow, Russia & Arlington, VA (2007-2013)

IT Operations/BD/Capture/Proposal Manager                             IT Subject Matter Expert (Aug 2014 – present)

Capture/Proposal Management on CBRNE Opportunities: Manage the proposal team and all activities in the proposal process of large, complex federal government bids from RFP/I/Q release to contract award. Coordinates proposal efforts across URS SBUs, teaming partners, subcontractors, contracts, legal, tax, procurement, cost estimating, technical writers/SMEs, HR, and BD procedural compliance while ensuring proposals are in accordance with FARs. Research, develop, and deliver multi-divisional, multi-company responses to USG Requests for Information (RFIs).  Results: Since 2011 contributed significantly to proposals which resulted in over $350M dollars of new business for TR&S. Managed NASA RLLS, PEACE ICQ, CBEP IIB Armenia, CTR Logistics Support proposals.  Developed several RFI's for opportunities (DHS, NASA, DTRA, etc.).  Developed strategic whitepaper for DTRA CTR contract “Potential solution for protecting PII" which received positive (informal) feedback from client. Developed strategy whitepaper for DTRA's China Nuclear Center of Excellence project “Early Training Approach” which kept the contract alive for URS.

CIT Support & Technology Innovation: Create Innovative IT Solutions that supports URS GSG services delivered to Federal clients. Develop and deliver strategic whitepapers providing potential solutions to USG clients highlighting URS’ IT capabilities. Liaise with URS SEIS (Apptis) on future CBRNE IT opportunities. Responsible for overseeing Host Country National (HCN) IT Specialists to ensure compliance with corporate IT policies.  Provide International PM’s with IT support. Provide IT (and SE) Subject Matter Expertise input on all proposals. Create custom demo websites tailored for each proposal to demonstrate innovative use of technology. Results: Developed with SEIS a strategic whitepaper for the DTRA CTR contract 'Potential solution for protecting PII" which received positive (informal) feedback from client. Developed concept for a unique Global Supply Chain and Personnel Logistics Management System; managed system development and deployment (400K IT CAPEX). Oversaw HCN IT specialists for SATC-X, NWTS, SS-25 projects in Russia, SS-24 (Ukraine), and WMDPPP Georgia ensuring email and IT systems comply with corporate policies -- 99.9% up-time achieved. Provided support for all new hires (IT equipment and intranet access provisioning). Created custom websites for selected proposals (ie. BTRIC/CTRIC). Inventor on record (provisional patent pending) of an innovative point-of-care solution for health care providers and veterinarians, the URS Mobile BioDetector Solution, a Field Deployable Solution for Rapidly Detecting Diseases and Transmitting Standardized (HL7) Results in Real-Time. This project is essentially a multi-tiered mobile point-of-care system for limited resource settings and highlights my core competencies: innovation, technical know-how, and bold leadership. I developed the internal business case, development plan/costs/schedule, and successfully briefed senior management on the potential market value obtaining buy-in.  The rapid development of a fully functional prototype required leading a joint venture between our UK partner, our US-based company, and our software development team in Moscow, Russia.  All aspects of the project were under my direction: technical requirements/design/development, project cost/schedule/risk management, marketing material creation (brochures, website, whitepaper, presentations), culminating in a speaking engagement at the 14th International Biotechnologies Conference Baltimore, MD (June 25-26, 2009) which received many accolades.

Create and Manage Quality Management Systems (PXPs): Oversee the design, development, implementation and maintenance of a secure project portal for International program-wide and project-specific PXPs.  Lead the project-specific adaptations for all International projects. Support activities involving compliance with applicable regulatory and Quality Management System requirements.  Coordinate the harmonization of legacy WGI OPs, PEPs, and EG&G Policies into a program-wide set of Project Execution Procedures (PXPs) tailored for DTRA CTRIC/BTRIC contracts including client briefings. Results: Updated Safety and Property PXPs and ensured all CTRIC/BTRIC projects adopted.  Facilitated SS-24 (Ukraine), NWTS, SATC-X, and WMDPPP Azerbaijan had project-specific PXPs. Developed Property Management briefing that was delivered to DTRA/DCMA and was positively received.

Project Management: Responsible for operational support to OCONUS PM for DTRA’s China Nuclear Center of Excellence project. Proposed as IT lead for DTRA's CTR Logistics contract. Lead the development of CTRLIS.net (400K IT CAPEX project). Developed key CDRLS: Value Added Tax Exemption Processing Aproach (VATEPA), PMP, and Training Plan.  Developed strategy whitepaper for DTRA's China Center of Excellence project 'Early Training Approach' which kept the contract alive for URS. Managing 400K IT CAPEX development of CTRLIS with SEIS, HAL, and Neogic - a Cloud-based Global Supply Chain and Personnel Logistics Management system for CTR Logistics Support contract and possible re-use by other parts of URS.


Black & Veatch                                                                                                       Moscow, Russia (2004-2007)

Software Development Manager


As Software Development Manager for Black & Veatch Corporation I led the design, development, and implementation of US DoD bio-Surveillance Systems throughout Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia with hands-on throughout the entire system/software development lifecycle.  I collaborated with foreign ministries, institute officials, CDC and other global experts developing an electronic integrated human and animal disease surveillance that was compatible with WHO and OIE reporting requirements (IHR 2005), was adaptable to recipient-state rules and regulations, and could be cost-effectively deployed to resource poor regions.  In addition, I have successfully worked with teams of local nationals to ensure that local recipient state staff were fully trained on the requirements needed to operate, maintain, and sustain the systems.


Directed by US DoD to design, develop, and implement a specialty security system for pathogen repositories in Russia/FSU I utilized a systems engineering approach which resulted in a one-of-a-kind solution – the Pathogen Asset Control System (PACS).  My collaborative approach and ability to manage multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary teams were keys to success due to the diversity of stakeholders – from 65+ year old institute personnel in aging labs to forward leading security specialists within the US DoD. I established the blueprint for successfully implementing PACS at an institute, tailoring PACS to comply with Former Soviet Union Rules & Regulations along with site-specific Standard Operating Procedures.


Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

·   Led the formation & development of a product-based business unit within Black & Veatch, managing the life of BV Software Products (concept->market), consolidating BV’s position as a global leader in:  Disease Surveillance, Laboratory Management, biosecurity & Geographic Information Systems

·   Grew a team of 3 students into a fully functioning business unit with 35 members in under  3 years, winning a DTRA Sole Source Contract worth over 60 Million dollars, working daily with the software development team to develop their skills/build capacity

·   Conceptualized and realized a shared vision for Black & Veatch’s Global Software Product Portfolio: the Electronic Integration Disease Surveillance System (EIDSS) and the Pathogen Asset Control System (PACS) in alignment with the business development strategy by providing leadership, technical guidance, mentoring and hands-on assistance throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

·   Traveled throughout Central Asia & Russia conducting consultations to create a common ground, built consensus, and a shared vision - delivering high-impact presentations, conducting Joint Requirement Discussions (JRDs) with end-users, Institute Management and project stakeholders to accurately define system requirements and proper configuration parameters for successfully implementing and sustaining EIDSS and PACS, building long-term, trust-based relationships with senior decision makers within foreign govt. ministries & NGOs

·   Established Requirements/Change Management process, capturing user/stakeholders feedback from EIDSS & PACS, implementing QC/QA processes, testing all releases of EIDSS & PACS and provided feedback to project team. 

·   Created Multi-language Documentation (Deployment guides, User Manuals, SOPs, Training Material, SRS, SDD, Ops & Support)


Results: By 2007 EIDSS had reached a product maturity stage where it had a dedicated DTRA CIT team who oversaw the requirements management and configuration control board.  In essence, EIDSS had a life of its own.  EIDSS & PACS passed Government Acceptance Testing (GAT) are now being deployed to over 7 countries with hundreds of end-users trained to-date. 1,000+ previously unaccounted strains from 6 collections were barcode labelled and catalogued.  Institute Management adopted PACS as their pathogen accounting system.  PACS certified for use in RF.  Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia central Biocontainment facilities have adopted PACS as their main security and pathogen accounting system.


BEYOND Computer Services                                                                     Victoria, BC, Canada (1992 – 2004)

Managing Partner/Principal Consultant


Owned/Operated this computer consulting company with over 250 satisfied clients throughout Western Canada and the United States during 12 years of operation helping clients to better manage the information and knowledge vital to their business:

·         Management Consulting:  assessing current business processes/needs and developing long-term, scalable solutions which bridge the gap between people, business, and technology

·         IT Project Management:  Leading large scale development & implementations of IT systems

·         Systems/Software Development:  creating tools uniquely matched to meet the clients’ needs

·         Computer Networks Design, Procurement, Installation, and Support

·         24 x 7 personal onsite technical support to local businesses and home users

·         Website Design and Promotion

The following business opportunities are some of the many under my direction which were created, capabilities developed, and solutions implemented under budget, ahead of time, and with extra benefits to the customer:

·   U.S. Army Corp: Recession Rate Analysis System

·   City of Richmond Engineering Department, Traffic Signal Control System

·   City of Vancouver Engineering Department, Traffic Meter Maintenance System

·   MacDonald Lewis Law Firm, Custom built Lawyer Billing System

·   Yukon Housing Corporation: Housing Operations Management System

·   PhatPhunk Records, Los Angeles: Royalty Tracking and Management System

·   Lawyers: EXACT for Lawyers System.

·   Arthritis Society of Canada: Grant Tracking and Management System

·   Nanaimo Family Life:  SocialNet Case Management System

·   British Columbia Rail Passenger Services: Integrated Client Transactions Management System

·   Victoria Health Project: Unified Treatment Tracking System for Healthcare Service Providers

·   Thunder Bay Health Unit: Health Unit Information System

·   Health Care System Delivery Agents (physicians, hospitals, etc.): Medical Records Manager

·   City of Richmond Health Department: Immunization Management System

·   Kootenay Lake District Hospital: Patient Audit Tracking and Management System

·   Central Vancouver Island Health Region: Unusual Incident Reporting System

·   Mulessa Management Company: Interactive Customer Service Delivery System for the Internet


Integrated Medical Information System (IMIS) – Canada, Technical Lead

I was contracted as a Medical Information Systems Subject Matter Expert (SME) by a group of Doctors in Victoria, BC to perform requirements analysis, preliminary design, and prototyping for an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system based on CDC’s Public Health Conceptual Data Model (PHCDM) and ongoing Electronic Health Record (EHR) initiatives in British Columbia.  The goal was to create a system that would allow Doctors in Canada/USA to replace their exsiting paper-based patient record system with a fully electronic system thereby improving accuracy and efficiency and reducing cost. I interviewed over 30 Doctors, Specialists, Nurses, Administrative staff, and Hospital workers to determine the standard Business Processes involved with EMR.  I created the preliminary system design, database model, and web-based interface which was successfully demonstrated to the group of doctors.  The results and lessons learned from this in-depth analysis can be directly applied to EHR/EMR system implementation in the USA.


Evaluation of the Victoria Health Project, Canada

I acted as the technical lead, establishing information systems for collecting and analyzing data during a 4 year in depth evaluation of this project aimed at improving the service delivery for aging patients in Victoria, BC.  Resulted in a Unified Treatment Tracking System for healthcare service providers - a large scale, multi-agency system that spanned over 14 health care agencies.  I performed an in-depth process analysis, and system needs analysis in order to better serve the client’s needs.  A centralized database was created along with handheld, portable patient treatment delivery tracking devices at each of the remote agencies.  These devices tracked patient/treatment activity throughout the day.  At night the central computer would dial out to each of the 14 remote agencies – downloading the patient treatment data.  As this project was over 15 years ago, it demonstrates my vision, innovation, and creativity in regards to providing tools for health projects and information management solutions.    


Integrated Health Information Management System, Canada

I led the evaluation and re-design of a completely integrated Health Information Management System for the Thunder Bay Health Unit.  Eight government systems were combined to form HUIS.  I was responsible for business, technical and systems analysis of existing systems, data modeling, normalizing, and analyzing the data design, and program interfaces.  Understanding the clients’ processes, systems, and business needs and coming up with an integrated, comprehensive system design was key to success in this project.  The same strong analytical skills and understanding of integrated health systems will be applied to new projects.


Health Care System Medical Records Manager, Canada

Formally known as the MediTrak, I was responsible for product concept, research, design, deployment, and support.  I surveyed over 100 health care professionals as to their information management issues.  I performed various business, process, cost-benefit, and system requirements analysis.  Throughout this venture I gained in-depth knowledge of the Ministry of Health’s requirements regarding patient treatment tracking and billing.


Immunization Management System, Canada

I evaluated the City of Richmond Health Department’s Immunization Management System and made recommendations for a more cost-effective program delivery.  After reviewing the clients’ needs for improved efficiency, lower costs, and more accuracy in tracking their patient immunization records I designed and developed a portable, integrated, paperless system that utilizes barcodes as the most efficient data entry technique.  Lessons learned from this project will be applied to any new project.


Patient Audit Tracking and Management System, Canada

I evaluated the Kootenay Lake District Hospital’s Patient Audit Tracking and Management System and made recommendations for a more cost-effective program delivery.  After performing the business and process analysis and defining systems specifications a system was design which utilized barcodes and portable, handheld data entry devices to track patient treatment histories.  The system provided the client with a cost effective, efficient way to enter patient questionnaires and assessments as well.


Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) Avian Influenza Pilot Project, Russia

From 2006-2007 NTI was tasked with developing a strategy for implementing a Proof-of-Concept Veterinary Surveillance System in a selected region in Southern Russia.  NTI were directed by OSD Policy to work with me on developing the project concept with participating institutes.  My on-the-ground experience and technical expertise allowed me to develop the relationships with key Russian institutes and collaboratively develop the project plan. Field trips, assessments, and project development discussions were conducted.  A detailed project proposal with scope of work, costs, and schedule was prepared by me and submitted for review by NTI’s board.  Eventually, NTI handed over the lead of this project to US DoD.


·   Marymount University, Cyber Security Program (2014-)

·   Project Management Professional (PMP) – in progress

·   DoD Systems Acquisition Management & Systems Engineering, Defense Acquisition University, 2009

·   Peace, Conflict, & Development, United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica, 2008

·   Russian as a Foreign Language, Linden & Denz, 2007

·   Leadership Victoria (by invitation),  Grad 2003

·   University of Victoria:  Deans’ Entrance Scholarship for top student, Computer Engineering (3 years), 1991

·   St. Michaels School:  Provincial Scholarship, 1988

Organizations and Community Service

·   See http://www.mygoodhelper.com/caring.html and www.nosigram.com

·   Moscow, Russia and Tbilisi, Georgia: Volunteered at hospitals and rehabilitation centers; Volunteered at orphanages and detention centers and took groups of children to various theatrical performances; Sponsored several students through University

·   Burundi, Africa: Envisioned, funded, and embarked on a mission to help an orphanage; Volunteered for 1 week at a Psycho-Neurological Hospital; Created and funded a Micro-Agriculture project “we help ourselves”



References are available on request.