Georgia (August 2008)

In Summer 2008 the humble nation of Georgia has become the center of world-wide attention due to its ongoing struggle with Russia and as a result has become the nexus of a geopolitical tug-of-war between world powers.

Unfortunately there has been a lot of press, propaganda, and varying degrees of truthful reports about the situation.  Having spent a few years working and travelling throughout Georgia I felt it was my duty to share my on-the-ground experience – which is the only truth I know.

My experience in Georgia touched my heart.  The Georgian people have an authentic faith-based way of life actively practicing true forgiveness, compassionate understanding, and loving kindness to all.

The economic situation in Georgia is extremely poor and living conditions are harsh.  They told me “a good day for us is when we have a little food left over … to give to our neighbors.”  In spite of their lack of material wealth the Georgian’s spiritual prosperity flourishes as they share God’s love with others.  As they phrased it “we love each other and our enemies … what else can we do?”

I trust that these 2 small videos (7-8 mins.) touch your heart and sheds some light on the true situation in Georgia … and perhaps a few reflective moments to pray for the innocent people in Georgia.

Click here to download Part 1 (7 mins.) >> Georgia_01

Click here to download Part 2 (8 mins.) >> Georgia_02

Please forward this link to everyone you know … they deserve the truth!